Go see a live show. Youtube and Facebook can’t capture the energy of the room. You’re only getting half of the performance from your couch. NYC shows will be listed closer to the week of. Sorry, this is not funny.


Wed. 6/21– 8pm. “Gandhi, Is That You?” @Lucky Jack’s. Lower East Side, NYC.10pm-Greenwich Village Comedy Club.

Thurs. 6/22- 945pm. Greenwich Village C.C.

Fri. 6/23-8pm & 10pm. Dark Horse Comedy Club. TriBeCa, NYC.

Sat. 6/24-1045pm. The Vintage Lounge @Gotham Comedy Club. Chelsea. NYC.

Sun. 6/25-8pm. Gotham Comedy All-Stars @Gotham Comedy Club. Chelsea. NYC.

Mon. 6/26– 8pm. Comic Strip Live. Upper East Side, NYC.945pm. Greenwich Village Comedy Club, NYC.

Tues. 6/27– 8pm. Vintage Lounge @Gotham Comedy Club, Chelsea, NYC.

Thurs. 6/29– 6pm. New York Comedy Club. 945pm. Greenwich Village Comedy Club.

Fri. 6/30– 9pm. Poconos Palace.

Sat. 7/1– 930pm. The Metroplotian Room, NYC.

Mon. 7/3– 945pm. Greenwich Village Comedy Club. 11pm. Broadway Comedy Club.