Go see a live show. Youtube and Facebook can’t capture the energy of the room. You’re only getting half of the performance from your couch (Plus you may see me have a meltdown, kidding, not kidding, who knows, life is tough. Did I mention I have anxiety?) NYC shows will be listed closer to the week of. Sorry, this is not funny (Or is it, I don’t know. Are you still there?)


City Shows are usuallly added closer to the month and/or week of. You can find them on Facebook or my Instagram @TheMeghanHanley. Or no where because I’m the worst at updating..

Sat. Sept. 1st– 7 & 9:30pm. Governor’s Comedy Club, Long Island.

Sun. Sept. 2nd– 8 & 10pm. Gotham Comedy Club, NY, NY.

Mon. Sept. 3rd– 8pm. New York Comedy Club, East 4th St. NY,NY.

Fri. Sept. 6th– 8pm. McGuire’s Comedy Club, Long Island.

Sat. Sept. 7th– 7:30 & 10pm. The Brokerage, Long Island.

Wed. Sept. 12th 10pm. Fun House Comedy @Pete’s Candy Store, BK.

Fri. Sept. 14th 7:30 & 10pm. Gotham Comedy Club w/ Colin Kane.

Sat. Sept. 15th 7:30 & 10pm. Gotham Comedy Club w/ Colin Kane.

Mon. Sept. 17th 8pm. Comic Strip Live, NY, NY.

Tues. Sept. 18th– 8pm. Wali Collins Comedy Cup. Gotham Comedy.

Thurs. Sept. 20th– 8pm. “On A Lighter Note.” Halyards.Brooklyn.

Fri. Sept. 21st– 9pm. Wisecrackers, Allentown, PA.

Sat. Sept. 22nd 9pm. Wisecrackers, Allentown, PA.

Mon. Sept. 24th Sets & Sets. Gotham Comedy Club. NY, NY.

Wed. Sept. 26th 8pm. Hoboken Comedy Festival w/ TJ Miller.

Fri. Sept. 28th 8pm. Tribeca Comedy Lounge.

Sat. Sept. 29th 10:45. The Diversity Show. Gotham Comedy Club.